Who Should Apply?

Who Should Apply?

  • Rising sophomores or juniors (must be a returning student in Fall 2022).
  • Highly motivated students interested in research in any of the water disciplines related to our REU topic, including hydrogeology, hydrology, water resources, biogeochemistry, water quality and contamination, remediation, stormwater, and sustainable management of water resources.
  • Students interested in the possibility of graduate school (M.S. and/or Ph.D.).
  • Have completed at least one year of college-level courses in groundwater or surface-water hydrology, or related environmental science, engineering, geology, or geography courses by the start of the REU summer program.
  • United States citizens or permanent residents (required by NSF guidelines)
  • Able to show proof of health insurance for duration of the program
  • Applicants are NOT required to have previous research experience.
  • Students are encouraged to demonstrate a successful plan for continuing their research beyond the 9-week summer program.

Eligibility Questions for the REU

If I previously participated in an REU program, may I still apply to the Groundwater Sustainability REU Program?

Yes, but only in certain cases. Contact us directly for more information.

If I am graduating this Spring with a Bachelor’s Degree, am I eligible for this program?

If you are graduating or you will have received your degree by the start of the REU, you are NOT eligible for the program.

I have already completed a Bachelor’s Degree and am currently enrolled in a new program at a university or college. Am I eligible for this program?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot accept students who have already received a Bachelor’s degree, even if you are currently enrolled in a new program.

If I am a student on a campus that uses the quarter system, may I arrive late to the program?

Students in the Groundwater Sustainability REU must participate in the full 9-week program. We are not able to make accommodations for late arrivals— losing a week would represent a significant loss of time and prevent you from fully engaging in the planned professional development and social activities, as well as make it difficult to develop an original project that can be completed during the time frame of the program.

Is the Groundwater Sustainability REU Program open to students studying in two-year institutions? What about students who are finishing their second year and plan to be juniors at a four-year university in the Fall?

Community College students are encouraged to apply. Those who are transitioning to four-year institutions are encouraged to apply to the program this summer.

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